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The $US4.5B Shell Nanhai petrochemicals project will be the largest plant of its kind in the world.The high water table under the massive 110m x 10m, 6-metre deep discharge basin applies considerable hydrostatic uplift on the base of the basin.

Instant Screw Piling was called upon to devise a foundation that coped with pile tension loans of 350kN.

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Instant Screw Anchors can be installed as earth reinforcement. Once installed anchors are completed, anchors can be directly load tested using hydraulic jacks. Anchors can penetrate most strata, including low strength rock. The speed of installation of the anchors exceed that of traditional ground anchors. Anchors can be installed through temporary sheet piling or fixed to concrete plates which bear against the embankment face. Anchors can be pretensioned. Anchors can be removed or de-tensioned at a later time.