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Instant Screw Piling was contracted for design services only.The screw pile anchors had to hold the face of the excavation beyond the slip circle.

A technique was devised using four 6-metre benches, excavating from the top down and anchoring, before proceeding with the next bench.

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Instant Screw Piles are used widely to support residential construction projects by using great economies of scale and speed of installation.Screw piles are widely recognised as the fastest installation of all piling methods. Piles can literally be installed and have concrete footings poured over the piles in the same day. For luxury residential projects any small amount of deflection in the footing system can be evident in the performance of the structure. While this is undesirable in the luxury housing market, Instant Screw Piles can be used to greatly reduce or eliminate any potential settlement which may result in stress upon the structures. Water front developments are becoming increasingly popular in the residential housing market. Screw piles can be used effectively to support the load of the structure at sufficiently deeper levels to eliminate any settlement adjacent to the waterway.