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The $US4.5B Shell Nanhai petrochemicals project will be the largest plant of its kind in the world.The high water table under the massive 110m x 10m, 6-metre deep discharge basin applies considerable hydrostatic uplift on the base of the basin.

Instant Screw Piling was called upon to devise a foundation that coped with pile tension loans of 350kN.

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Engineers of towers and large signage structures require foundation systems designed to carry the large overturning moments, tension and compression loads that can be develop. Generally, towers have a relatively small number of screw piles at each specific location. A screw piling rig can be established easily and cost effectively at each individual tower location as compared to moving around large expensive traditional piling equipment. The screw piling rig can also be used in its traditional application to excavate the pile cap and footings prior to installing the screw piles, thus eliminating the need to establish a piling rig and an excavator to complete the construction of the tower foundation. Screw piles have been used in many situations to provided excellent bearing capacity for both under compressive and tensile loads. The resistance of the helical plate to uplift tension loads results in very high tension pull out loads being achieved from infield testing by Instant Screw Piling.