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Instant Screw Piling was contracted for design services only.The screw pile anchors had to hold the face of the excavation beyond the slip circle.

A technique was devised using four 6-metre benches, excavating from the top down and anchoring, before proceeding with the next bench.

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Screw piles can be effectively used in underpinning of failed buildings. A screw piling rig can work from the inside of the building with limited head height and use segmented piles as required. There is a range of sizes of excavator based screw piling rigs which can be used in underpinning applications. For domestic or commercial construction underpinning piling rigs of weights between 3 - 5 tonnes can be used with ease to achieve the required pile load capacities. For larger commercial projects were the loads are in excess of 30 tonnes, excavator piling rigs can be hand picked to install screw piles to suit the underpinning requirements. The excavator can also be used to excavate the pile caps and footing beams in this application.

Underpinning Drawings

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